James Dean in East of Eden (1955)


Capricorn: This week, suddenly, you can find yourself energetic and bright and full of fire. This week, you can believe in yourself, you can believe your own eyes, you can believe in your hands and your skin and your feet. You can be moved by love for your city. You can be moved by faith in your weird thoughts. You can get so much done, if you want, or you can spend your days listening to songs in your backyard and either way it’s going to be so good, it’s going to be important, it’s going to be right.

— horoscope for the week of 7/6/14, via therumpus (via anythingbeforebros)





Her beauty is like winter-
Independent of man’s desires,
Wild and burning cold.
She likes goat’s eyes
And pentagrams
And often she dreams of the ocean
Although she was never a strong swimmer.
She looks out of place in almost any crowd-
A wallflower in war paint.
Obsessed with perfection,
She lives for victory
Yet entertains doubt
Unfailingly cynical
And delightfully bitter
Like midnight in January.


Seems like some big lizard is going to bars trying to pick up chicks.